Changing Observation Mode

The insrument has currently four main observation modes: imaging; imaging polarimetry; spectroscopy; spectropolarimetry, and two sub modes for checking aligments, obtaining dark frames, and so on. The page below describes how to change the observation mode of the instrument. Please note that the details given below are subject to change at any time.

How to Change Observation Mode

To change observation mode, type on demi or on trispec as follows.
% obsmode <mode_name>
The following value are currently available as mode_name. For example,
% obsmode specpol
will change the insrument to the spectropolarimetry mode. If you run without mode_name, the command shows the current observation mode.

The obsmode command will change the positoins of several wheels in the instrument for a requested mode, and records a requested mode in the status file. However, if you manualy insert or desert grisms/wollaston prisms/lens, the recorded mode might be incorrect. Please note this when you move wheels by using other commands.

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