TRISPEC Current Status

Present Status (Configuration for UKIRT 01A at February 2001)

Pupil Stops

The new pupil stop for the optical channel was installed at the end of January 2001. This stop was figured to match the misalignment of instrument's internal optics, and allowed us to adjust the positions of the three pupil stops to suitable positions simultaneously. Finaly, although a small misadjustment only on the IR1 channel remains, the positions of three pupil stops were almost adjusted to suitable positions simultaneously. Therefore, we could take reasonable dome flats on the optical channel as well as the infrared channels. The pupil images by the secondary mirror after the adjustment of the insturment's optical axis to the telescope at the 9th of Feburary are here.

Wavelength Calibration Unit Controller

The controller of the wavelength calibration unit (WCU) was replaced to the new controller with a mechanical relay for switching the arc lamp. This allowed us to automate the whole procedure for obtaining the wavelength calibartion data.

Furture Configuration for UKIRT

Focal Length Converter (F36 to F18)

We are plannig to introduce the focal length converter for F36 to F18, in order to reduce image sizes on the array. Then the pixel scales would be just twice, specifically, 0.22"/pixel for the optical channel, 0.44"/pixel for both the infrared channels. This would increase an S/N ratio for any integration time by a factor of 2. And this would allow us to use a half width slit for point source, then the spectral resolution would increase by a factor of 2. The converter would be placed in the front of the window of TRISPEC. However, due to delay in design, we don't still make it in time. Also we except that finding a guide star can be more difficult because the field of view will expand by a factor of 2.

Past Configuration (for UKIRT 00B at August 2000)

Second Dichroic Mirror

Pupil Stops

Pupil Imaging Mode

Adjustable Mounting Bracket

Operation of Telescope and IRPOL2

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